Our story begins in Sax born and 1996, known as LUBOLSAX, always dedicated to leather goods and articles of very high quality. The manufacture of our product was centralized in the domestic market.

Years later, the company decided to export and gave us learn the foreign market as LUXURY BAG term that defines us and of which we are proud to carry on our production every day thanks to our experience in the sector.

Today we can presume that the bags we manufacture are distributed by almost everyone, where the European Union is our largest customer.



Our main competitive weapons are design, quality and service.

We have an excellent team, professional and specialized. Each bag is treated and personalized, omitting the production chain at any time without neglecting the development of our product, where quality control makes it unique.

Because for a special bag is necessary to pay attention to all the details carefully. The selection of skins first provide a delicate treatment in handling, always using our expert hands to manufacture the product.

Foundations that make LUXURY BAG bag a unique and timeless product.